KOMMONSENTSJANE – Jeff Sessions ‘Methodically Reshaping’ DOJ to ‘Reflect Nationalist Ideology and Hard-Line Views.

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It will take AG Sessions a long time to DUST OFF THE CONSTITUTION AND  get it back in service because you still have all of those Obama holdovers who haven’t accepted the fact that Obama ran off with his stolen gazillions and left them holding the bag.

It is time the Constitution is put back into service. We know Obama took it out of service and used Sharia law during his time in office, especially with the Muslim Brotherhood, the military and the educational system where he removed Christianity and instituted Islam – even went so far as prayer rugs and rooms to accommodate the muslims. And then look what Michelle did to our cafeteria lunch rooms – even removed their popsicles.



Reclaim Our Republic

The Washington Post lamented Friday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is dramatically changing his Department of Justice while the media has been distracted by the “Russia story.”

According to the piece:

From his crackdown on illegal immigration to his reversal of Obama administration policies on criminal justice and policing, Sessions is methodically reshaping the Justice Department to reflect his nationalist ideology and hard-line views — moves drawing comparatively less public scrutiny than the ongoing investigations into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Kremlin.

“[L]egislators spent little time asking Sessions about the dramatic and controversial changes in policy he has made since taking over the top law enforcement job in the United States nine months ago,” the Post’s Matt Zapotosky writes of Sessions’s recent appearance before the House Judiciary Committee at which Democrats repeated asked about the Attorney General’s momentary meetings with Russian Ambassador…

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