KOMMONSENTSJANE – SLIME IN THE ICE MACHINE – Richard Branson, billionaire Obama pal, accused of sexual assault. Fellowship of the Minds.

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The likes of Richard Branson, billionaire Obama pal, roaming the halls of the White House with Bill Clinton on his heels.  How many more women will pop up?

The moral decay in our country has been escalating since the Clinton’s were in office. Just think, Bill Clinton, the sex predator in the White House, was being allowed to roam the halls just looking to attack women. Where were the secret service all of this time – were they watching? One of these days the books will be rolling out about the on-the-job training they received on how to protect the President while he is having sex or maybe they were participating.  No one knows – but the shadow do.


Fellowship of the Minds

The Weinstein Effect continues.

Now it’s Richard Branson, 67, the English billionaire founder of the Virgin Group of more than 400 companies, including Virgin Atlantic airline.

Branson is pro European Union and anti Brexit. (See “Secret document kept truth about EU membership from Brits for 50 years“)

He is also a pal of Barack Obama, whom Branson invited for an extended holiday on his private Necker Island in the Caribbean after Obama (finally) left the White House. That was when this pic of gender-ambiguous Obama kite-surfing was taken.

James Beal, Simon Boyle and Chloe Mayer report for The Sun, Nov. 24, 2017, that singer Antonia Jenae, 44, said Sir Richard Branson “motorboated” her at an alcohol-fueled party in 2010 on the billionaire’s Necker Island — “burying his head” in her boobs and making a boat engine noise.

Jenae said Branson had been drinking but did not…

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