KOMMONSENTSJANE – Liberal chick still crying over Hillary losing election, weeks later. Fellowship of the Minds.

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One comment which was interesting and made a point:

They can still use Hillary as a role model? The woman has made over $300 million dollars, as a “public servant” and extorted billions more from foreign Governments, hasn’t really held a job since the Rose Law Firm in the 90’s, never produced or made ANYTHING! She’s still the leftists icon!

My reaction about Hillary as a role model would be – use her as someone who you wouldn’t want to walk in her shoes as a liberal Marxists.  She has blood on her hands for sure.

(Please ignore the hundreds of thousands of dead babies from a failed foreign policy!)

So true.


Fellowship of the Minds

I”Liberalism is a mental disorder” is a much-used aphorism, but it is daily confirmed by the Left’s meltdown over Hillary Clinton losing the election.


Below are excerpts from a first-person testimonial by Eirene Donohue — a Hollywood screenwriter who calls herself “fighter, mother, lover” and “collector of all things wicked awesome” (whatever that means).

She says she can’t stop crying over Hillary’s loss because, as she puts it, “I am her”. Calling liberalism a mental disorder is an understatement.


From Eirene Donohue, “No You Can’t: Why I’m Still Crying Over Hillary’s Loss,” Medium, Nov. 27, 2016. Words in green between [brackets] are mine:

“I thought I had it together. I thought I was moving on, “getting over it” as the world kept telling me to. She lost, he won. The only thing we can do is keep fighting. We are seeds, we are safety pins, we…

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