KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Why is USAF Punishing Colonel for Religious Views on Marriage? – Centuries-Old Church Bells Silenced. Reclaim Our Republic.

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He should be able to believe as he wants and stop this.

The military in the last eight years under Obama has been lead by Sharia law.  Obama culled (fired) the military of all conservatives.  Remember when Obama fired hundreds of top military if they didn’t think like he did.  That is the problem right now.   Under Obama all decisions were made by by him – the military’s hands were tied – that is why they couldn’t win the war because Obama didn’t want to win because he was a muslim and he didn’t want to bomb and kill any muslims.

An investigation needs to be conducted to straighten this out.

The military under Obama for the last eight years has been thrown under the bus and made into a military under Sharia law and Obama tried to turn them into a bunch of sissies. We have had ships colliding with other ships or barges and planes crashing. Are these incidences happening because they are planned? Something is going on because there are too many “friendly fire” incidences.

The military has to be investigated.


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