Tom Steyer still hasn’t gotten over President Trump’s rejecting the Paris Climate deal.  He also is trying to change the subject on Obama/Hillary’s sale of Uranium One crime and all of those women assault charges committed by Democrats.

What’s he doin’ – he is tryin’ to impeach our duly elected PRESIDENT TRUMP with his fake impeachment crusade – bet his is using all of those illegals who Obama told them to “go and vote – nothin’s gonna happen to  you” – which they did and so far nothin’ has happened to the illegals who voted.

Tom Steyer, a Democrat Jew, who is working with Obama and his dark government – a Globalist who is trying to turn this country into a socialist/muslim country and abscond with our money like he did on Wall Street.  He did not like New York –  Wall Street – so he headed for the hills of San Francisco – said he did not feel comfortable in New York.



Again,listening to Tom Steyer only tells me these people are working with Obama’s dark government.  They all voted for Hillary Clinton and cannot accept the fact that she lost.  Steyer worked and made all of his money on WALL STREET.  We now know how these guys steal their money in the stock market (one penny at a time).  How can a man so young become a billionaire – THAT IS WITH A “B.”

Steyer is still trying to steal from the American people by trying to usurp our vote.

(CNN) — Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, another Jewish person, praised President Obama Sunday, calling the Paris climate agreement one of his “signature achievements” in office.

Thomas Fahr Steyer (born June 27, 1957) (WALL STREET) is an American billionaire hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, progressive activist, and fundraiser.] He is notable for being the single largest donor to the Democratic Party, having donated $66.3 million during the 2016 election cycle.

Tom Steyer on his campaign to impeach Trump.

California businessman Tom Steyer is putting some of his billions into an ad campaign calling for Donald Trump to be impeached, along with petition for impeachment that now has over 1.5 million signatures.

(Are these signatures part of the three million illegals who voted in the 2016 election?)


Time to show these people that we know the truth and he is not one of the truth tellers – but a liar – like Obama and Hillary Clinton.

He is just trying to make more money like Al Gore off of “climate change” which is just another hoax put on the world and America.  Where is Steyer’s proof?

Add Steyer to the list of whiners:



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