KOMMONSENTSJANE – Illegal aliens (terrorists) attack US-Mexico border patrol agents, killing one by crushing his skull with rock. Fellowship of the Minds.

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When, and, if these people are caught – they should be sentenced to DEATH.  Right now, our punishment is not swift and harsh enough – we are too soft on these terrorists – they are not illegals – they are terrorists.

When are we going to get serious about this border wall – these people are terrorists. How many men or women Border Patrol have to be killed before these politicians do their job to protect our people?

We need to make these politicians work with the Border patrol at the border at least one day a week and see how dangerous the terrorists at the border are. In fact, a politician should have been in the area with these two who were injured and killed and I bet they would have a different opinion which is – as a politician we aren’t on the front lines so we are safe.

We want a wall like Israel – NOW.


Fellowship of the Minds

Early yesterday morning, November 19, 2017, responding to “activity” at the US-Mexican border near Interstate 10, in the Van Horn Station area of Big Bend, Texas, two Border Patrol agents were attacked by illegals.

One agent radioed for help, saying he was injured. Other Border Patrol agents responded and found the two agents both seriously injured. The agent who had radioed for help was transported to the hospital where he is in “serious condition”. The second agent, Rogelio Martinez, was found unconscious with injuries to his head and body, and later pronounced dead. (Breitbart Texas)

National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) is the organization that represents approximately 16,000 of our nation’s Border Patrol agents.

Brandon Darby and Ildefonso Ortiz report for Breitbart Texas, Nov. 19, 2017, that NBPC President Brandon Judd, who is also a Border Patrol agent, said:

“What we know is that Border…

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