Folks, what we have to remember after reading this article is – the Elite Republicans are working with the Democrat muslims/socialists to elect Democrats not Republicans who backed President Trump.  We have to remember that.  A good example is Judge Moore who was never backed by Mitch McConnell and the rest of his ilk. McConnell has done everything he can to keep Moore from winning Session’s seat.

Another example is the Virginia governor’s election and Ed Gillespie, an Elite Republican running on the Bush’s mantra (ALL OF THE BUSHES VOTED FOR HILLARY CLINTON, A DEMOCRAT) – he was running against President Trump and the democrat opponent – that is why we lost.

McConnell and the RNC ARE using the Republican’s campaign money to elect democrats.

WASHINGTON – The Tuesday night rout of Republican candidates up and down the ballot has triggered alarm bells in Republican circles that a deteriorating political environment could set in motion a Democratic wave in the 2018 midterm elections.

The most dramatic results unfolded in Virginia, where Democrats swept up victories in the governor’s race and delegate contests across the state, fueled by suburban voters who once favored Republicans. But it wasn’t just Virginia: Democrats won the New Jersey governor’s mansion and in several suburban Philadelphia counties, where they nabbed local offices that have long been controlled by the GOP.

“I had an expectation that it would be tight; I did not expect it to break as dramatically as it did,” said Rep. Ryan Costello, a Republican who represents suburban Philadelphia’s Chester County, where Democrats notched unprecedented local wins. “It is largely driven by mainstream Republicans and independents being displeased by the tone and style of the administration, coupled with an historic off-year intensity by Democratic voters who wanted to make a statement. This is their first opportunity to do that.”

For Republicans, who have won all of the marquee special congressional elections of the Donald Trump era to date, Tuesday’s results across the country were a reminder that Democrats are, in fact, capable of translating liberal anti-Trump energy into actual votes. It was evidence of the environmental perils that often await a president’s party in the midterm elections.

The real peril is when we furnish money for an Elite Republican rather than the Trump Constitutional government – that is two against one to start with.



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