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The Elite Republicans conspired with Sessions and had Sessions cozy up to the Candidate Trump to ask for this position so he could do just what he is doing – protecting the whole damn bunch of criminals.

Clinton is one of those criminals and  Sessions says – damned with the crimes. There is one set of laws against the people and there is a different set of laws for Sessions and his outlaws..

Sessions says there is not enough to go after Clinton and he is lying like a dog and is full of BS.  We know better.

The AG’s special counsel Mueller has been chasing his tail for over a year trying to find something on the Repub’s – with nothing found and Sessons has a room full of stuff on Hillary and he tells us he doesn’t have enough for a special counsel.

Again, Sessions keeps telling us how honest he is – when that happens – we better be worried – those kind of people are the real criminals when they tell you they are honest..  Honest people don’t have to try to convince you they are honest – they prove it by their actions and doing the right things to protect the people not the criminals.


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Point is………..he didn’t need one.   Not enough evidence to investigate Hillary Clinton?   IS HE FREAKING KIDDING?!!!!    Comey and the email fiasco, isn’t enough?  There is enough to investigate Comey…….let alone the Queen of Crime.   Sessions is doing what everyone before him has done………… cop-out, run-away.   He is afraid of the Clinton Crime Cartel, he knows people die!    What a coward!  Sessions should definitely be fired.   Immediately!   Sessions is proving to be a part of the Elite Washington Establishment.   He is part of the system.   Protect all that is wrong about D.C.   Sessions is scared to death where an investigation would lead.    Think about this, he just did ask for the DOJ to evaluate if a special counsel should be appointed; and got his answer THAT QUICKLY!   He already had the answer, it was his.

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