Love and scandal are the best sweetners of tea.

After further thought, since the Democrats always use some sex scheme in their dealings with anyone to win – did Obama and Hillary try to use a manufactured sex scheme to blackmail Russia’s Putin and that is why the Democrats’ Mueller won’t let go of trying to pin Trump on Putin and Russia?  They tried it once with the dossier and it didn’t work – did they try a sex scandal on Putin in Russia?

There is something here that is rubbing against the grain of salt.

It continues to boggle my mind why the Democrats don’t want President Trump to be friends with all countries, friends or enemies – especially Russia, Russia/Putin?  There has to be some underlying cause –  was it Hillary Clinton’s/Obama’s promiscuous exercises with Putin and Medvedev?  We all know that Putin’s Russia are the “temptations in the teapot” and everything to do with the Middle East.

We also know that Obama’s administration (especially Hillary Clinton) was working with Putin to bring down the U.S.  Why else would she and Bill sell and keep the money for the uranium – that still hasn’t been settled and is still in the dirty laundry bin waiting to be aired out and and then put in the washer and hung out to dry?

It is time for the AG Sessions to “bring out the dirty laundry about Russia, Russia and the Obama/Hillary administration Uranium One deal” or, if it is too hot to handle for the AG – then he needs to say so and quit stumbling around in the dark.  We know all of the current politicians and even the AG “soiled their  hands” during the Obama administration; but, when push comes to shove – sooner than later – the truth will come to pass.  It is time for the AG to come clean why he doesn’t want to tackle the Obama/Hillary Clinton Uranium Deal – CAUSE – IT AIN’T GOING AWAY.

It is like dirty hair in the old days – you gotta wash that GAL, HILLARY, out of your hair.



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