This all started with Bush I and escalated with Clinton, Bush II, and Obama.

Americans Feel like the Left Wants to End Traditions.  Is the Left seeking to end or change American traditions as a whole?

It is not the left’s or the right’s decision!

Lately, that’s what it’s been feeling like, according to Lisa Boothe of Fox’s Outnumbered, as she debates this thorny issue with commentators Sandra Smith, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and Democratic Party strategist Jessica Tarlov.

The group discusses the ongoing controversy over NFL players kneeling at games during the national anthem and how many on the Left don’t see this as a violation of American tradition — which it clearly is.

In fact, on any number of topics, from supposedly racist and religious public monuments to gender-separated bathrooms — and even to the Boy Scouts — the Left has been itching to overturn decades or even centuries of precedent, all in the name of political correctness — even if it means upending or burying American history itself. Respect for the country’s national anthem, its flag, its soldiers and law enforcement officers be damned; the Left seeks to change almost every facet of American identity to the point where we may no longer recognize our own nation or its citizens anymore.

Do you want to refer to every member of your family as “they” instead of “he” or “she”? Do you want to rip out every cross in Arlington National Cemetery (and every other federal or state cemetery) because they’re actually religious symbols? These are the kinds of questions the Left wants us all to be asking.


No one should ever have the power to tell anyone how they should speak. No one has the right to make decisions in regards to Arlington – especially – the people who are making these statements.  Our problem is we are allowing cultures to enter this country through Obama’s illegal processes.

Yes, it is very evident that the left wants to end all traditions because they are communists/muslims and that means they want to destroy the history of the U.S. since none of them have played a part in it.  The illegals are from Mexico and the other illegals are from the Middle East – neither of these two areas have played a part in America’s history except to take from our monetary system.

We need to re-enforce our Constitution and our laws, build a wall, limit the number of people entering our country, and take our country back so that we can rebuild it so that in the future we can set up a system to open our immigration system to people who are educated and can be beneficial to the country and not  a burden like the illegals that Obama and the Globalists brought in who are burden and do not speak English.  That was their main goal was to destroy America as the free beacon of hope.

My opinion to these people who don’t believe in God – JUST GO TO HELL – because that is where  you belong.



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