There are people all around the country who are so concerned about the DACA FOLKS.  Why?  This group of people was brought in through the rogue regime of Obama strictly to help them in the voting both.  It has been proven that millions of illegals voted in past elections which is against the law and needs to be handled as a crime.  WE NEED A VOTING ID WITH PHOTO AND FINGER PRINTS.

Examples of these people are Louis Gutierrez who has a position as a representative in the government and has done nothing but cause trouble in regards to immigration.  As we all know during the rogue Obama administration the Constitution nor the laws of the country were obeyed.

We have to take into consideration that we want all cultures not just Hispanics to be immigrated into the country and that is what people like Gutierrez is doing so they can take over the country.  Gutierrez has not spoken for America – but has fought tooth and toe nail against the country.  Look at California and what is happening there with all of the immigrants and their attitude to America – nothing but hate.

We must include immigrants into our country who are going to be an asset to our country and not a burden which is happening right now.  There are other countries that have immigrants that would love to come to America.  We must get back to actually immigrating all cultures not just Arabs and Hispanics.

This morning on Fox – Geraldo –  drew a line in the sand that he would not support President Trump if he didn’t sign off on DACA (800,000 people) – they are all Hispanics.  Have all of the DACA people signed in with Immigration – to get in line to immigrate into the country or do they think they are special because “Obama” said so?  The DACA is just another lottery program by the Democrats to guarantee their vote as a democrat.

It is time to get back to LAW AND ORDER.


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