KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO FoxNews cancels ad campaign calling for Trump’s impeachment. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Why does Steyer, a Jew, think he has a right to take this step when Prez Trump was elected by the people of this country?  He made his money off the backs of men in the coal mines and now is using it against them.  Obama shut down the coal mines.  The nerve!

Is he a part of the Globalist Elite and can’t stand it that the American people want no part of his Democrat muslim/communist Party swamp and he thinks his cheap money is going to pay his way?


Reclaim Our Republic

Nov 6, 2017 by DML

Tom Steyer, the Democratic mega-donor who launched a $10 million television ad campaign calling for President Trump’s impeachment, has hit a snag – Fox News has just canceled his ads after receiving complaints from viewers.

CNN’s Brian Stelter posted the announcement on Twitter Monday afternoon, stating, “Fox News confirms: “Due to the strong negative reaction to their ad by our viewers, we could not in good conscience take their money.”

Steyer has blasted the decision, tweeting out Monday: “Fox News trying to silence the 1.7 million who have already signed our impeachment petition.”

On Oct. 31, Steyer admitted that Fox News had informed him they would not be airing the ad, entitled “Join Us,” and claimed their decision “shows no respect for democracy.”

“Millions of Americans have raised their voices in opposition to Donald Trump,” Steyer said in a statement released on Friday. “If Fox…

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