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Not surprised at all – this blogger has been “put out to dry many times” for publishing the truth. The liberals “can’t handle the truth.”  Tech companies need to be broken up – too much control over our lives.

Good example is the new Apple phone – $1,000 for a phone.  It hasn’t been that long since the last phone and the money he siphoned off of the people and now is socking them again.  I gave up on my Apple phone many months ago during an emergency and it wasn’t available.  Found out that phone was controlling my life.  Now I am back to my back-up “flip” phone.

Don’t laugh – life is good – no new taxes every month.


Arlin Report

I often use Blacklisted News as a source for reblogging articles.   I have found them to be very accurate in reporting news and current events.   However, it seems WordPress may have a different opinion, or just simply want to control what is released and not released.   WordPress has deprecated the Blacklisted News bookmark.   Another words you can not repost from the Blacklisted website to a WordPress account.   Cut and paste works though, for now!

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