KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO USA get used to TERROR ATTACKS “new way of life” – Attack On Conservatives – Antifa Revolution Fail

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(This guy use to work for Obama and has to understand this is America under Prez Trump not Obama.  Under Obama this was true because Obama hated the country and the people and wanted them dead – especially the white people.)

“If we cling to the old view that any successful attack represents a counter-terrorism failure, we must also be ready to accept a new way of life.”

(Under Obama you didn’t do your job because of the corruption.  No, we don’t have to accept what you call – a new way of life.)

Do we want to view anyone from a different country, with a different set of beliefs, as no longer welcome here?” wrote Figliuzzi, suggesting that accepting regular terror attacks is a price worth paying for ‘diversity’.

(No,  Figliuzzi, we want merit-based immigration and heavy duty vetting.  If they come in and are properly vetted I don’t care what their beliefs are  and there is no attack on Americans worth any  price to pay for diversity.  For you to suggest that tells me that “something is not right.”  You sound like an ISIS terrorist.)


(No, we don’t have to accept terror attacks.  It is time for the FBI to change their tactics.  Your statement about the attacks as the price of diversity is false.  This statement which you made is an Obama statement to get people to accept your lack of ability to do your job and to accept your failure or maybe you were the problem and did not want to find the solution.)

(Your statements only tells me you are not a true American if you think America will accept your statements. It is time to change your tactics instead of being so complacent with any attack. It is time to deport every relative of any terrorist who attempts or causes death to an American citizen.)

(Is this why you are no longer in your job and Prez Trump was elected?  No wonder our country is in such a fix with this type of person working in the FBI.)

His attitude is disgusting.


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