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Law of Attraction. How to use it ?

September 26, 2017

Some general guidelines first:

1. Think about what you want, and not about what you don’t want! I will explain this with an example. Say, you want to live in a bungalow and not a flat. For this, you should have affirmations like,”Living in a bungalow is wonderful” or “I want a bungalow because it is independent and spacious”. Now you don’t want to live in a flat for what so ever reason, don’t mention statements like,” I just don’t want to settle for a flat” etc. This is because indirectly you would be thinking about the flat only. You have to completely eliminate the things you don’t want from your vocabulary as well. Sentences like,” Oh God! I don’t want to put on weight” are not to be used. Instead use, “I am on the process of losing weight”.

2. You might be wondering that, why did I use the statement in the present tense? This also has a reason. You have to affirm then believe that the process has already started. You have to put faith in the process and actually believe it. In a span of time you will witness events and things happening which are in lieu to your wish. If you make affirmations in the future tense, chances are that it would keep getting postponed to future only. Let’s discuss the step to follow now.

The simple steps in which you have to proceed are:

1. Affirm/Ask
You have to formulate certain affirmations that you want in your life. for example,”I am healthy and slim”, “I am a good student”, “I am wealthy” and so on.

Techniques which help
Writing your affirmations on a piece of paper everyday or keeping them at a place where you can see them everyday. Remember to write them in the accomplished / accomplishing state. You can also make a Vision Board, by sticking all the pictures of your desired things in a display board in your personal room. You would get to see them everyday. Those pictures should clearly describe your requirements in health, wealth or relationships whatsoever you wish for.

2. The second step is to believe that your desires are actually manifesting. The process of believing requires actually feeling that thing is accomplished and not just thinking firmly about it. For example, you wish to own a car soon, you have to really feel that you own a car. One law attraction seeker actually used to practice driving a car by sitting on his chair and with some music. He actually used to visualise driving a car while enacting driving it.

This also leads us to an important concept called visualization which helps us in creating strong vibrations to be sent out to the universe.

Hence feeling how you would feel after being granted your wish and visualizing are basic techniques which are to be done as much as possible in a daily basis.

3. Live your life as you would have lived it after attainment of your desires and start experiencing the magic soon!

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