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When did I realize that Bush I and II were democrats? It was very easy to recognize that when Bush I stated, “READ MY LIPS – NO NEW TAXES.” And, low and behold, after he was elected he and the democrats and elite repub’s slapped taxes on us in a New York minute.  The voters then spoke – he was sacked in the second election.

Then “along came Jones (Bush II)” who worked better with the democrats than the republicans and signed every bill that the democrats sent down the hill.

And then the Iraq war was put on the table and Bush II told a lie and put it on the menu and the democrats are still serving IRAQ as the main course.

The fact – all of the Bushes have been demorats the whole time.  The fact the Bushes are friends of Hillary and Bill Clinton tells you a lot, Bush II’s daughter works for FAKE NEWS NBC, AND THE MAIN FACTOR WAS THEY VOTED FOR HILLARY CLINTON is about as tell tale as  you can get – and made so much noise about that fact.

Just a slap in the face of every Republican that ever voted for any Bush.


Arlin Report

The White House released an official statement criticizing both former Bush presidents after the elder Bush called Trump a ‘blowhard.’

via The White House Criticizes The Iraq War After George H.W. Bush Calls Trump A ‘Blowhard’ — UPROXX

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