KOMMONSENTSJANE – CUNY professor says having “white nuclear family” promotes white supremacy. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Another white hating Jew.  What is with these people?  Isn’t the world protecting them from the Muslims who hate them?


What is going on in the liberal muslim/socialist colleges. Where are these professors coming from? It looks like they are sniffing too many drugs or they have some rusty, loose screws and are turning “mental” on us.

Maybe one of the other loopy professors is putting something in the water which makes these people crazy?

The big thing is – you would think that this professor who is making this noise about “white supremacy” doesn’t have enough sense to realize that none of us have anything to do with what color we are when we are born.

Just do the job you were hired to do which is to teach – and is something you aren’t doing in a positive manner.

My recommendation – just go take a long walk off a short pier and we will be all be better off because you are what we call “loopy.”

Sure am glad you aren’t teaching my kinfolks and feel sorry for the students that have to endure your loopy-ness. The nutty professor.

In the Bible it states, that Jews are the chosen one – well, they aren’t setting a very good example is all I can say.


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