KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Gillespie Campaign Condemns ‘Sickening’ Latino Victory Fund Ad as ‘All-Out Attack on the People of Virginia’.. Reclaim Our Republic

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Do the people of Virginia want to continue Terry McAuliffe’s policies –  McAuliffe was one of Clinton’s mafia Democrat muslim/communist party and Obama’s dark government helpers?  It has been proven he let felons and illegals vote in the 2016 election.

The Democrats muslims/communists Party are sickos as we witnessed in the 2016 election and are proving it by their ads in which they show their own being killed.  They are no longer Americans.

We have to be sure that the Latinos understand – if they are here in the U.S. legally – they can vote. Obama is not the leader and our new Prez has brought the Constitution and law and order back in style and if you are not a legal citizen you cannot vote.

Virginia has to watch the voter’s registration very closely, because they did a number on America with dead people, felon’s, and illegals showing up on the rolls.  Again, it has been proven that millions of illegals voted in the 2016 election.

The other item they are ragging about is the Confederate flag which is part of American history and just because the illegals don’t like it – it is too bad.

Again, the people of Virginia have to understand a vote for any Democrat is not a vote for America – it is a vote for communists/muslims – Obama’s dark government. The Latinos don’t understand they are in America not Mexico – why is it they didn’t fix their own country – they keep telling us how they love Mexico but abandoned it – now they are trying to make America what they left in Mexico – socialism and don’t even realize it.


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