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Goodell has catered to the protesting players at the expense of the fan base, speaking out of both sides of his mouth to assert that the NFL wants all players to stand respectfully for the anthem while simultaneously assuring players that nobody will be punished if they insist on doing otherwise.

The fans have seen all of this and responded by changing the channel or turning off the TV — as evidence by declining ratings — and by the appearances of half-filled stadiums across the league, choosing to stay home from games.

Yes,Bennett is probably a member of the “Obama dark government” who started the “hate the Police.” Love to know what his IQ is because he hasn’t even recognized that Obama didn’t do anything for the blacks during his time in office – Obama was working to bring the terrorists into his neighborhood and tear up Bennett’s play house.  I guess he took that “one chair” and moved out.

Just goes to show you – he doesn’t recognized when he is doing the work of the Obama devil and being screwed. Instead of taking a knee or throwing his fist up in the air – he should use some of that energy off the field to take the other 74 and use this fist pumping energy to hammer a few nails in some of the ghetto neighborhoods.

And as far as the segregation is concerned – if that is what they want and they do not want to share – so be it – just say the word.  It wasn’t too long ago that BLM had a party and stated on the invitation – NO WHITES INVITED!  Can you image if we had a white group called WLM and we had a party and pulled that pumpernickel – can you image the real hell that old Maxine Watters would raise and besides they have a racist group called, The black caucus that Maxine is a member?

Today, our church lesson was, the bullies – who are always hanging around because they are not sure of themselves.  And I immediately thought about Bennett.  Our pastor stated, the only person we should be concerned with is God, because he loves all of us – even Bennett.  And, these bullies, like Bennett, really are very insecure and we shouldn’t be concerned with them – because God will take care of them.

So, let Bennett do his pumping which in his mind makes him look strong when those muscles pop out in that empty stadium; but, in the end – God will have the last say.



Arlin Report

Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks uses a protest oppression to exhibit his own racial attitude.   If he was serious about improving racial relations, expressing power over another certainly isn’t the way to do it.  It only makes matter worse.   Lack of intelligence is great detour.   NFL ratings and attendance will continue to drop.   Soon salaries will need to drop in order to sustain a league of these highly oppressed spoiled phonies.  Blacks make up 70% of the NFL player base and 83% of the fan base are white.   Do the math, the fan base, not necessarily the % but the total number is rapidly dropping.   Follow the money, 83% white………. They do not understand where their bread is buttered.   They are creating greater divide.   It would seem they are pushing for segregation.

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