As we all know the Deep State is working against the American people.  Who is the DEEP STATE YOU SAY – well, just take a good look:

Watching poor, pitiful pearl, Hillary Clinton, yesterday, still trying to convince the deplorables that she was rightfully the person who should be in the White House at this time.  In fact, she stated that she would still be glad to change places with our President cause Fox keeps reminding the pubic that she was supposed to have won.  Mentally, the women is to be pitied.  Why, because she and Obama said so and the fact she was suppose to inherit the throne because the Dark State had plans for her to work with them to make America a global economy with OPEN BORDERS and change the culture from white to brown.  The irony is that all of these Globalists are white.

As we all know, the Democrats worked hard to make that happen – see below – three million illegals voted because Obama told them they could  (he should be in jail right now); but, even with all of that help – it looks like God Almighty had other plans for them and us.

Now, we are being told that the Dark State – since they didn’t win – is just going to take over the country and oust our elected President since they didn’t win fair and square.  Just a warning to these nuts like Obama and Hillary – if God is with us – who could be against us?  Obama and Hillary have been trying to wrangle our guns from us for years with all kinds of weak excuses; but, it will be a cold day in Hell before that happens.

And a word to all of those billionaires who are working against the American people – like Soros (Jew), Singer (Jew?)   and Steyer (Jew) – you have money to throw like mud against the wall and someone catches it – but  you and they don’t have the spirit.  You can keep being miserable and wasting  your money instead of using it for the good of the people – you might try helping the country instead of trying to destroy it.  God is watching and all three of you will go straight to Hell with what you are doing to destroy America – the only country who has a Constitution and laws to protect the country and the people – that is what you are fighting.

What is with these rich bastards who want to use their money to change America – a country where they made their riches and are trying to keep others from achieving that same mobility?  We need to start pointing these people out who have all of this money and are not paying their fair share in taxes because they have lawyers who use all of the loop holes to keep from paying their fair share.  It is time to point them out because they sure don’t mind speaking out on how they plan to hurt us – such as Soros, Singer, and Steyer.

If you ever run into these people on the street  – spit on them – because they are a sorry lot.

In fact, they and the Dark State have been entered into the AMERICA’S HALL OF SHAME.







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