As we all know, for years the Republican Senate and the House having been crying the blues – if you give us this – we will give  you that – well.  All of that has happened over the years as we can see – they were working with Obama all the while – giving him all of the pieces of the puzzle for eight years.

Prior to that Bush II worked with the Dem’s – signing off on every piece of legislation that came to his desk while he fiddled his time away waiting for his time as President to be over – he had fulfilled his family duty while sending our boys off to war and watching them be killed and maimed on a fake premise.  Now he is disgustingly painting their photos so he can have his own art gallery of his victims.

Theses Rinos have disgraced themselves  – McConnell, McCain, Graham, Corker, and Flake by working with the Dem’s muslims/socialists by continue to attack our President – not on his policies –  but him personally.  This only tells you how immature these people are.  They are not working for the American people they are working for the One World Order and wealth distribution.

They think they know how to spend  your tax money –  not you.  So during the Obama rein they raised the taxes and added news ones with Obamacare.  They never want to reduce taxes – they want to continue to raise taxes.  We have to vote these Rinos out of office as Steve Bannon stated – because they are  useless and are doing more harm than good.

A vote for these Rinos or any Democrat as I keep stating is a vote for the Dem’s socialists/muslims – Obama is trying to take away our freedom and turn this country into a muslim country.  These Rinos have worked with the Obama dark government and have been paid well – Soros keeps them funded.

A good example is John McCain where he colluded with the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton to assist Hillary in delivering the dossier on Candidate Trump.  And we call this guy a HERO – he was just a spoiled brat who grew up hurting people in every step he took.  He has never worked for the American people.

And, now we have found out that he colluded with the DNC, Hillary, and Comey – again, he delivered the dossier to the FBI, Comey.

It is time for us to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE AND make them fold  up their tent and leave in disgrace.  We will add them to the HALL OF SHAME IN OUR GOVERNMENT.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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