KOMMONSENTSJANE – Vanity Fair magazine names Michelle Obama, but not Melania Trump, for best dressed list – Fellowship of the Minds.

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First thing – consider the liberal source of this toilet paper!  Anything to bash a conservative.  Don’t buy the wipe.

Love the comparison. The difference is if you have CLASS you can’t fit in Vanity Fair’s attributes. Also, there is a big difference – it is called femininity. Mike is masculine and Melania is in the class of femininity – which is a woman’s single most attractive quality. Mike is more masculine which is okay – every women has different attributes which gives them their personality. Mike is more of a rough and tumble type – whereas, Melania comes across as the delicate type. It all has to do in how you were raised and your attitude.

Also, if you notice the designers in today’s fashion shows try to make women look as ugly as possible in their hair and clothing so they won’t get raped by the illegals.  That is why women dress down instead of up.  The clothing they put on the racks today look like they have been worn and reworn when they are new and they charge you an arm and a leg for these horrible looking clothes.  If I want old – I can go to the Second Hand Thrift store and pay a fraction of the cost.  Where are the simple, elegant designers?

Besides, I haven’t been proud of Michelle because of  her attitude about our country –  that she hasn’t been proud of her country.  Now she is back on that same band wagon cause her husband is not the head honcho any more.  I really think they should move to Kenya since he is accepted as a citizen – take all of the dem’s and run for office.  Then – maybe she would be proud of Kenya.

Why does Michelle keep tugging at her clothes in photo after photo?  Is this a fake distraction or is this practicing to be a rapper?  A simple philosophy – fill what’s empty – empty what’s full – and – scratch where it itches.


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