Mother Who Lost Her Son in Afghanistan Never Heard From Obama, but Got Letter from Melania

By V Saxena
on October 19, 2017 at 10:09am

When Gold Star mother Jill Stephenson’s son, U.S. Army Ranger Cpl. Benjamin Kopp, died in 2009 from combat wounds he received in Afghanistan, neither then-President Barack Obama nor first lady Michelle Obama reached out to her.

“I never got a call,” she revealed in an with the Independent Journal Review published this week.

Eight years later, Stephenson finally heard from someone: First lady Melania Trump.


The first lady wrote the letter on behalf of Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, which was designated by Congress to occur on the last Sunday in September. But the message is timeless.

A couple questions come to mind. Did the Obamas purposefully snub Stephenson, or were there just too many Gold Star families for the Obama White House to reach out to everybody? Or perhaps an administrative snafu caused them to skip over some?

Truthfully, any scenario is possible, though the latter two are more likely. As the liberal mainstream media have made very clear in their pro-Obama coverage this week, it’s an undeniable fact the former president contacted some Gold Star families.

In report published Wednesday by The Guardian, for instance, it was revealed Gold Star mother Stephanie Fisher received a letter from Obama in 2012 after her son, Army Staff Sgt. Thomas Kent Fogarty, was killed in Afghanistan.

Obviously, Obama wasn’t some apathetic president with no sympathy for Gold Star families. He was and is a human being sometimes prone to mistakes. The same applies to Trump, who’s been hammered nonstop with negative media coverage this week over claims he made an inartful remark during a phone conversation with a Gold Star mother.

Nobody will ever know for certain whether Obama purposefully snubbed Stephenson, or whether Trump purposefully misspoke this week.

Yet this hasn’t stopped the “fake news” media from acting as if Obama was a perfect president who reached out to every Gold Star family, while Trump is a horrible president who’s reached out to none.

You know, instead of endlessly praising those with whom they agree ideologically and casting unsubstantiated judgments against those with whom they don’t, perhaps the media should recognize a principle once cited by 18th-century poet Alexander Pope, who wrote, “To err is human.”

Suffice it to say, though the media likes to pretend Obama is a god and Trump is the devil, it’s about time they recognize they’re both humans, as was U.S. Army Ranger Benjamin Kopp. R.I.P.

When the media is dead and gone – history will show the true stories of both of them.


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