KOMMONSENTSJANE – GOP Lt Gov Nominee Jill Vogel: Election ‘Beyond Critical,’ Americans ‘Playing for All the Marbles In Virginia’. Reclaim Our Republic.

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The American people in all states have to realize – a vote for a Democrat in any election, especially Virginia, is a vote for socialists/muslims. We know what Bush and Obama have done to our country by trying to make it a muslim third world country. Whereby, Bush also worked with Saudi Arabia and is a Globalist and he and Obama distributed our money throughout the world.  We all know Obama hates the white people and  worked to divide the country while trying to destroy America.  He spent more money, himself, than any president in history.

Also, don’t forget all of the Bush’s voted for Hillary Clinton, a socialist.


Reclaim Our Republic

19 Oct 2017 by Matthew Boyle

LYNCHBURG, Virginia — Jill Vogel, a Virginia GOP state senator and the party’s nominee for Lieutenant Governor in the upcoming November 2017 general elections, told Breitbart News exclusively that the fate of her state and quite literally the nation’s trajectory hangs in the balance in this important election coming up.

“It is not just important. It is beyond critical,” Vogel said in an interview here at Liberty University off the stage at the Vines Center. “We are playing for all the marbles in Virginia right now, this election, this time. Because we are setting not just Virginia but the country on a trajectory for economic prosperity, economic freedom, healthcare freedom, and basically viability across the board on every single issue that matters to people across this country. If you look at what Virginians care about right now, the single biggest issue is healthcare…

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