KOMMONSENTSJANE – Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer launches multi-million$ media campaign to impeach President Trump. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Billionaire Tom Steyer – another Jewish person trying to destroy America.  Are they just troublemakers since all of the countries in Europe are trying to run them out of their countries and in America they all voted for Hillary Clinton and Obama to make this country a socialist/muslim country.  I thought the muslims were trying to kill the Jews?  You would think they would be for the President to MAGA – BUT THEY ARE FIGHTING AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION when they voted for Obama and Hillary.  How much more proof do  you want to see who is helping Obama’s dark government?

When will it start being a crime when politicians and their cronies use their write off money to destroy our country and call it charity? Here are two good examples – Tom Steyer and George Soros.  We have to stop this, NOW!

They are using their write offs to work against the American people – do you call them terrorists? They are working to destroy the country.

Why doesn’t Steyer give this money to the people in California who lost their homes in the fires – with all of the deliberate wild fires started by the Democrat socialists/muslims?  Those people could sure use a helping hand instead of wasting it.

Hate to keep bringing this Jewish factor up – but, it keeps poking its ugly head into the Constitution.


Fellowship of the Minds

As billionaire financier George Soros sinks $18 billion into his Open Society Foundation, thereby transforming it into one of the world’s largest charity political activist organizations, another billionaire Democrat, Tom Steyer, is launching a national campaign to impeach President Donald Trump, after only 9 months of presidency.

Thomas Fahr Steyer, 60, is the founder and former co-senior managing partner of Farallon Capital — a hedge-fund that manages $20 billion in capital for high-net-worth individuals and institutions that include college endowments and foundations. After retiring as manager of Farallon Capital in 2012, Steyer launched NextGen America, a political organization that supports leftist positions on climate change, immigration and health care, among other issues.

Born of a Jewish father and an Episcopalian mother, with a net worth estimated at $1.6 billion in 2016, Steyer has funneled millions of dollars into Democratic candidates and causes. He was environmental advisor to the…

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