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By John Miller 15th October, 2017 In a stunning blow to Jihadis everywhere, the head-chopping, human candle-burning, rape and pillage Islamic Caliphate part of the Obama legacy has ended with a whimper. In the early months of the Trump-Mattis era of take no bullshit American exceptionalism, the last 100 Caliphate terrorists and their 400 human […]

via Trump doctrine vindicated, ISIS era ends as Caliphate falls to US allies — The Free Peach

Trump doctrine vindicated, ISIS era ends as Caliphate falls to US allies
8h ago
By John Miller

15th October, 2017

In a stunning blow to Jihadis everywhere, the head-chopping, human candle-burning, rape and pillage Islamic Caliphate part of the Obama legacy has ended with a whimper. In the early months of the Trump-Mattis era of take no bullshit American exceptionalism, the last 100 Caliphate terrorists and their 400 human shields defending the capital have abandoned their posts at the Caliph’s bunker. Raqqa has fallen to US backed Democratic Forces.


So let’s revisit all the decisions that Obama spent too long agonising over which spawned this carnival of human misery in the first place.

Raqqa in 2013 was a relatively hopeful place, when it jumped out of the frying pan of Socialist Dictator Bashar Assad. The jubilation of the Syrian Opposition was quickly soured with the realisation they had landed in an Al Qaeda fire. Obama jelly-backing allowed Jihadi terrorists to hijack the liberation of Raqqa, and other terrorists from Iraq then proceeded to wage a gangland style war for Syrian turf with the Al Qaeda guys. The result was a conflagration which caused both Syria and Iraq to go up in flames. We entered Caliphate Hell. Thanks Obama.

By the end of that year ISIS had transformed itself from a few thousand Zarqawi fanboys in Iraq who had been too young or too chicken-shit to join their leader as a martyr in his death or glory defiance of the Bush Surge of five years back. Their fantasy Caliphate became reality on New Years eve, when ISIS took control of Fallujah and most of Ramadi in Iraq.

Obama cheerleading for the Arab Spring had produced not much except the Libyan dumpster fire, and his administration was still reeling from the murder of four Americans by Jihadis at Benghazi in 2012. Former Secretary Clinton had been taken by surprise while sleeping off cocktails, and Kerry was just as timid as Obama. Paralysed with fear and indecision, with nobody taking his Red Lines seriously, Obama adopted a cautious strategy of thoughtfully observing the Syrian refugee crisis unfold. I’m not sure what Kerry did. Probably a lot of windsurfing.

In the absence of US Commander in Chief willing to bomb the shit out of them and take their oil, ISIS was left free to advance into Raqqa in January 2014.

Obama like the rest of us watched helplessly as Christians and dissenting Muslims were gruesomely tortured to death in slick ISIS promotional videos. When ISIS took the major Iraqi city of Mosul, he did nothing again. So they took Tikrit, the gas fields, and the Syria-Iraq border crossing. Obama was a model of restraint. Probably busy polishing his Nobel peace medal.

Eventually he was moved to action by the ethnic cleansing of the Yazidis, and the tales of the ISIS rape slavery gangs. Obama did some air strikes. ISIS seized the main Syrian airfield, beheaded Americans with impunity, and took the border town in Syria which was the main safe haven for the refugees Obama wanted to protect. Obama retaliated with some air strikes on the once safe haven. ISIS still managed to turn it into its latest death and rape factory. Thanks Obama, I guess.

ISIS then went international, taking a Libyan city, and lone wolf ISIS fanboys began going on Jihadi themed killing sprees in Western cities. ISIS was happy for any kind of publicity, and accepted any and all atrocities carried out in the name of the Caliphate.

2015 saw a wave of the type of terrorist attacks that require greater funding and planning. The Caliphate became the major state sponsor of terror in France, with gunmen running amok on the streets of Paris. At this point the Western powers decided that nobody cared about Turkey’s feelings, and they began to send money and arms to the Kurds. To this day they remain the Kurds remain the backbone of US backed Democratic forces. They will probably get screwed over in the peace settlement anyway.

The Kurds got air cover from the French and Americans, and Obama got cover from the French to stop worrying about how doing something George Bush Junior might have done would go down at his next Hollywood mixer. The result was the Kurds took back Kobani, the former refugee safe haven they had valiantly tried to drive ISIS back from for the last four months, while Obama was busy hoping the few bombs he had blindly dropped around them wouldn’t make the Turkish ambassador angry.

ISIS meanwhile was attempting to genocide the Christian Copts of Egypt and the Assyrian Christians of Iraq, and was going international with the bombing campaign that the Iraqis had come to live with. Despite its losses on the Kurdish front, the Caliphate was able to take over the rest of Ramadi in Iraq, it took Palmyra from Assad in Syria, and it extended its territory in Libya to include Sirte.

The ISIS bombing campaign was extended to include non-Caliphate approved mosques too, and there was an ISIS offensive in the Sinai against the Egyptian army that never quite took off. Oh, and a wave of organised terrorist attacks on holiday destinations began to kill lots of Westerners. Thanks Obama.


The Assad regime looked likely to topple though, but then Russia joined the war. Apart from accelerating the Syrian refugee crisis, and giving Obama the WW3 excuse for continuing to do nothing in Syria, the main result of Russian intervention was the destruction of the non-ISIS anti-Assad forces near Aleppo. The Free Syrian Army and its Al Qaeda well-wishers vanished, along with the Obama and Kerry hopes for victory over Assad. The ISIS Caliphate took over the territory they abandoned.

The Iraqis, who had made a habit of losing every engagement against ISIS, finally got their act together and took back an oil refinery. Meanwhile ISIS elevated its butchery in Paris to a kill count of 130 in one attack. French involvement in the air campaign grew more intense. US special forces were deployed. By the end of the year Ramadi was back in Iraqi hands.

By 2016 the Caliphate still held Mosul, and more importantly it had its capital Raqqa. The US military could have wiped it out with a single Bush Surge like it did in 2007, but with a pussy for Commander in Chief that wasn’t on the cards. Nobody in Congress wanted boots on the ground except the guy who lost the election to Obama. His pal Lindsay ran into an election year with a hawkish platform that he failed to sell in the primaries. Americans were sick of dying in the Middle East for ingrate foreigners.

As Brussels exploded during the Republican primaries, the Trump doctrine of secure borders and a Muslim travel ban, of rebuilding the American military which Obama had allowed to run down, of leaving the running of it to hard assed generals instead of PC faggots with hip gender politics, and of bombing the shit out of ISIS and taking their oil, all this started to look pretty good.


Iraqi gains at Hit were offset by ISIS gains in Syria. Russian involvement had consolidated the shaky holdings of the Assad regime, but they also cynically helped ISIS to destroy the Free Syrian Army, especially near the Turkish border. ISIS helped themselves to the gas fields near Palmyra.

The second lone wolf attack on US soil by an ISIS wannabe (following the 2015 Christmas party shootings) was carried out, this time at a gay nightclub in Miami. The self-loathing closet homosexual Jihadi who acted in the name of ISIS did his shameful deed during the June primaries. A small but influential band of Gays for Trump saw this as proof that Jihadis were an existential to Gay civilisation in the West, and fabulously donned MAGA hats in defence of their right to life.

The Iraqi army, backed with US airpower, retook Fallujah. Slowly inching forward in the liberation of Iraq, meanwhile in Syria the Caliphate was only growing stronger. Libya remained a hot mess too, and bombs were going off all across the globe. We got the trucks of peace next, beginning with an 84-person massacre in Nice. The Muslim travel ban looked better and better. HashtagNotAllMuslims.

The millions of military aged men that Angela Merkel had allowed to walk across the border and occupy Germany out of Christian charity suddenly began to disgorge its Afghans. They ran amok on trains with axes, and had murderous sexual emergencies.

The utter stupidity of compassionately tearing down your borders to let in a horde of completely unvetted and often poorly educated third world men with morals taken from the dark ages grew increasingly apparent. In America, where people are free to say or think what they like, a considerable portion of the Republican base said something along the lines of Radical Islamic Terror could stay in its own shitty countries.

October, one month out from the Presidential elections. ISIS still has its Caliphate in Syria and Iraq. In Mosul they burned Christian alive in ovens, and 250 Christian children were killed by kneading them to death in a giant dough mixer. Apparently the Caliph got his Gingerbread house.

Trump won despite the legacy media, the Blue wall, his own party establishment, and the urban entitlement constituencies. Suburban and rural folk were smart enough to see through the media lies, the Blue wall despised the Clintons as much as anybody else, and real Republicans had grown to hate the Republican establishment. They came out in numbers large enough overcome the urban entitlement constituency commie blocs.

Donald Trump,James Mattis

To those patriots who know that American might alone secures the peace, Trump came as a Godsend.

We will never know precisely what Trump did differently, because his don’t ask don’t tell is don’t ask me Mad Dog, just tell me what you need. So here we are, less than a year later, with Total Victory in sight. ISIS is not an army any more. It is 100 guys and their 400 hostages skulking out of Raqqa, waiting for a MOAB to land on them.

Anybody want to tell the Fake News that we got a great American success story here?

Trump doesn’t have to land on the aircraft carrier with the Mission Accomplished banner or anything, but I demand some kudos for Team Mad Dog dammit.


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