My friend Ruth blogged an interesting article about the NFL and the flag:

October 8, 2017.

The Golden Egg.

The story is old, but still happens time and time again.  People kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.  Apparently they do not even notice what is being done.    Once upon a time, baseball was the most popular sport in America but them along came football, which took over top spot.   2008 was the peak. Since that time, people have become disenchanted with football.  The people running the NFL do not seem to know what has happened, but it has been happening bit by bit.

Concussions were a problem.  Lots of Moms will not allow their big boys play football.   And the league was not helpful with the hits to the heads.   Next it became the No Fun League.  No celebrating in the end zone.  The league fined Graham $10,000. for spiking the ball over the goal posts.  Both of those activities were fun and a human response to success.  But not the NFL.   Then the league would not allow teams to wear a patch to honor the 4 policemen who had died.  Fans were becoming disenchanted with the league and fewer people were watching the games on TV.

The final blow has been the standing for the anthem, or rather, kneeling for the anthem.  If these rich spoiled men want to make society better why don’t they do something helpful, like volunteering at school or open a business.  What specifically are they protesting?  The powers that be in the NFL have been bit by bit killing the goose that laid the golden eggs.  People are not watching.  Young men are not playing football.  The games are boring.  And they do not seem to have a clue.  Fascinating to watch stupidity in action.


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