October 12, 2017 2:07 PM

Our Nation’s Flag

This video is really great and should be seen by every person.  As we all know, you never miss something until you lose it.  We have a lot of people in our country that do not like our country and the reason why is because they have never been taught to respect, honor and obey anything – even themselves.


God Bless this man who is standing before us to try to make people understand what we have in this country and helping people to understand what it will take to keep us safe and free.  Respect for the flag has been earned by the people who have died and that is the least we can and should expect from those who now still have that right and that is showing respect for our country and our flag.

If that is too much to expect – than it is time for them to find a new country – cause OL’E GLORY HASN’T  DONE ONE THING TO ANYONE – whatever the burr is that is sticking you in your butt is caused by you and only  you – try standing up and showing respect and maybe that burr in your butt will go away.  It’s only trying to tell you to STAND UP AND BE PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN LIFE.




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