Since this is a continuing problem with the government and business who are entrusted with our private data and they continue to allow our data to be hacked – a new approach has to be enacted.  A lot of this data is deliberately lost by the government and business by selling our data.  Don’t kid yourself, each name and data which goes along with it is worth a lot of money.

The victims whose data is sold or hacked end up spending a lot of time and money if this information is used to steal or use that person’s data for gain and it takes years, sometimes, to straighten their record and sometimes, never.

What needs to be done is to have a penalty which would be paid by any company or government and would be paid to that person any time their  information is sold or hacked.  We must put a penalty on the people who have the information to make them liable for the loss and make them  pay for this loss.  This would make them realize the importance of keeping this information safe.


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