KOMMONSENTSJANE – Should Islam Be Restrained In USA? -Texas’ Alien Harboring Law Reinstated – Pope Tears at History’s Ancient Walls. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Islam is a government first and uses it  as a religion to get their feet in the front door.  Sharia is not compatible with the Constitution of the U.S. and the fact these people want to kill infidels – that is what they call you and me.  So would you invite someone in that you know wants to kill  you?

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Reclaim Our Republic

Limiting US citizenship and the number of mosques in the U.S. are practical matters that can be done to control the threat Islam poses. Just as the right to bear arms is restrained, so should freedom of religion be restrained when it comes to Islam


Feb 23, 2017 By Robert Klein Engler

Freedom of religion in the United States is a complex issue. It is an issue that involves both tradition and Constitutional law.

Tom Krattenmaker writes, “The freedom to believe as one chooses is crucial to the American way, and belief has little meaning if it cannot be acted upon. Even so…the right to practice religion must have its limits. Especially when the consequences are life or death for those with no choice in the matter.”

Do we look upon freedom of religion in the United States the way many…

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