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The millennials need to read this information and work like hell to keep history from repeating itself. They will be the victims.  They do not teach civics anymore – therefore, our younger folks have no clue on what will be on their plate or how to handle it.


Reclaim Our Republic

In World War Two, The Germans Had Big Plans, Here Are Five Which Did Not Succeed

H/T War History OnLine.

We need to thank God these German plans failed.

Russian Anti-Aircraft Units on a rooftop in Moscow. RIAN Archive – CC-BY SA 3.0

Throughout WWII, Adolf Hitler’s political ambitions interfered with his plans. Several high-profile military operations were canceled, sometimes against the advice of his commanders.

Operation Sealion

In July 1940, Hitler signed Führer Directive No. 16. It was the order to instigate the invasion of Britain entitled Operation Sealion.

The invasion was planned for August 25. Forty-one divisions were to cross the Channel, along with two divisions of airborne troops. Landing along the south coast, they would encircle London, bringing the British government to its knees. It was a detailed and well-considered plan.

Tanks were waterproofed and fitted with snorkels so they could be dropped off in water and…

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