KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Emails Reveal Hillary Invited Putin to “Pay for Play” – Tax Return $177M in, donate $5M, spend $86M doing it. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Mueller and his Keystone cops are stepping all over themselves –  when the guilty parties,  Hillary, Obama, Comey, et al, are right under their noses.  The reason they can’t smell them is Mueller’s  stench is the same as Obama’s and the rest of the gangsters.

Isn’t it time to clean the septic tank? If this were anyone else – the FBI would have been on them in a New York minute. Okay – times up.


Reclaim Our Republic

Released Emails Reveal Hillary Invited Putin to “Pay for Play” Event

Sept 28, 2017 by Dave Hodges

hillary and putin

She already sold him 20% of the nation’s uranium supply. What made Hillary think that Putin would need to attend her “pay for play” event? Yet, according to newly released emails, that is exactly what Hillary invited Putin to attend.


Wow! 2014 Clinton Foundation tax return. They took in $177 million, donated $5 million, spent $86 million doing it, and kept the $86 million change


WARNING! Before reading this, find a big, strong clothespin. Check that. Find a large steel industrial clamp. Clamp both nostrils shut before you begin reading, as a stench is going to fill the room the likes of which you have never experienced before and will never want to experience.

I’m not an accountant, but how the hell do you receive $177 million…

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