KOMMONSENTSJANE – Looking Skywards, Buzzards Closing in on the White House – Trump’s Strange Endorsement. Reclaim Our Republic.

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My question – at this point – how do you tell the difference between the two – they profess to be Republicans but it doesn’t always make it so. I would have picked Moore since Strange has an alliance with McConnell. The President admits he might have made a mistake on this call. Let the election play out and see what the people say. They know more than we do in most cases.


Reclaim Our Republic

If it doesn’t give you the creeps that the buzzards are waiting for Obama’s troops to bring down President Trump by impeachment, or by other means, and that Hillary Clinton is waiting for a comeback, it should

Looking Skywards, Buzzards Closing in on the White House

Sept 23, 2017 By Judi McLeod

When the globalist/progressive/left created Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, assigning them the task to finish off what is left of the West, they crafted them as wind-up dolls that would keep on going even after leaving public office.

In terms of political longevity, Obama and Clinton are akin to the Energizer’s big pink bunnies.

Tired of their non-stop anti-America carping, many thought Goodbye was forever when Barack and Michelle flew off into oblivion on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day, just like they assumed Clinton’s long-awaited Farewell was for real two months earlier.

Little was it known then…

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