KOMMONSENTSJANE – 50% of Millennials would give up their right to vote to get student loans erased. Fellowship of the Minds.

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The millennials don’t realize that when they take a loan for education – it is just another vice the government has around their neck. After the loan, comes the universities with their liberal professors who brain-wash them into thinking the government and the universities are trying to help them get ahead. In addition, the universities should not take a dime from the government because of the number of endowments the colleges has. They are rich; but, look at the universities they are like a resort for the liberal professors.

What should happen is – the interest for each loan should be much lower if they want to help the students.

Time for the educational system to get behind the students in that the teaching system needs to do a better job and if the student doesn’t pass muster then he should go to summer school to catch up. The case is that – no student should be left behind; but, when and if the student leaves without being capable of reading or writing – that should never happen, ever. Yes, you can push him out into the world, and if he cannot read or write – what good is he to himself or to the world.


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