The following article could  not be more transparent:

Transparency in government should be a given, not an anomaly.  In matters of government, we should not be asking ourselves if information should be made public, but rather why it shouldn’t.   When Abraham Lincoln spoke of “government of the people, by the people, for the people,”  he verbalized exactly where the power of government rests – with the people.

One area of government where transparency is especially important is the handling of financial budgets.  Government entities are funded by YOU, the taxpayer, and it is incumbent upon your representatives to ensure that your hard-earned tax dollars are being spent well and conscientiously spent.

If not, then you should use your vote at the ballot box to make a difference.  Our government for quite some time has not been transparent due to the persons elected, the lack of law and order in the country, and officials not upholding the Constitution.







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