KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Russian investigators MB Obama, Clinton Axes to Grind – CoverUp Wiretapping Trump Blows Up In CNN,NYT Face. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Every day this Mueller’s investigation goes forward is just one more day of crime that Mueller and his Obama/Hillary characters are digging on the path of self-destruction. The public has Mueller’s charade number and that web he is spinning and hopefully he will soon be the one that the web will catch. He professes to be an honest man like Comey and we found out that they are both corrupt humans and in this charade together which was to take the President out of office.

As the spider said to the fly, “Come into my parlour.” Well, we know that Mueller is in the parlour and helping the spiders – Obama/Hillary, build a web and we will see if they get caught in their own web..


Reclaim Our Republic

It is an insult to the intelligence to have the word “independent” used as an adjective to describe Mueller’s highly suspicious “investigation”

Mueller’s “Russian investigators” Come Equipped With Obama and Clinton Axes to Grind

Sept 17, 2017 By Judi McLeod

“The Conservative Alerts-dubbed “probe-that-became-a-witch-hunt ” that is Robert Mueller’s FBI investigation into Russia collusion has mushroomed, or should we say ‘‘metastasized’ ,  into ‘Old Home Week’ for lawyerly Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton partisans.

These anything but ‘independent’ lawyers are zooming in to Mueller’s special counsel’ probe like flies to you-know-what.

To date, some nine lawyers who, in total,  donated $65,000 to the coffers of former President Barack Obama and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, are in on the “independent” Mueller probe.

Here’s the google available profile on Mueller’s latest legal beagle, courtesy of Legal Newsline—even though her name among other attorneys whose conduct in a high-profile immigration case was…

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