Hillary Starts her Own Website to Combat Fake News

Loser Hillary Clinton has started her own website – wonder if the server is in her bathroom closet.  Her installer is the same geek who helped her break the law with her emails.

It’s just sad, isn’t it?

Every day that Hillary Clinton wakes up, she must think of the horror of how and why she’s not president of the United States. But instead of bearing this burden alone, Clinton seems to want to revisit it in tandem with all of the nation’s voters, or at least the ones who are still courageous enough to admit they voted for her (a number which is almost undoubtedly shrinking by the day).

Now, as part of the effort to keep Clinton visible in the eyes of those who are still die-hard supporters, Clinton digital advisor Peter Daou has created (or was he paid to create?) a new website that he must have thought would lend Clinton a hip, new, relevant presence on the web. The website is called “Verrit,” which some believe is a shortening of the two words “verified it,” but others say is Latin for the verb “to conceal.”

Nevertheless, the content of Verrit is mostly made up of quotation memes from Clinton — little clips of things she said in interviews, at rallies or on the campaign trail. Daou must have thought he was being clever because he realized that online trolls would likely make fake memes that could be attributed to Verrit. To prevent this, he included a seven-digit “authentication code” that could be matched at his site to prove whether a Clinton meme was real or not.

However, the obviously clueless Daou clearly didn’t realize that no one on Earth is going to sit around and try to match up seven-digit numbers all day when it’s much more fun to make up a number at random and put it on bottom of an unauthorized (or even made-up!) Hillary quote.

Was this website a bad idea, or what?! We hope Daou (or Clinton) didn’t lose too much money on it!

Watch, as YouTube’s Mark Dice can’t stop laughing at the insanity of Hillary and her hapless followers.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpGsrIEZURQ&w=560&h=31



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