The ability to read is a essential part of everyone’s life.  An investigation of public universities across the country found the average freshman reads at a seventh-grade level.  Information from those universities showed a reading gap between non-athletic and athletic students attending the same institution.

This is absolutely astounding, are the schools letting the athletic students slip by without the proper credentials and socially passing them because they are athletics?  If this is happening – why – it is not fair to the student.  The University of North Carolina maintains a staff to assist athletes who may not be academically ready for the demands at a top university.  The university was confronted by a basketball player seeking help with his class work.  She was shocked when she found out – he could not read or write.  She was later shocked a second time when she discovered he was not an anomaly.

Reading and writing would certainly be an effective technique for game preparation. Also, the process of reading for even a few minutes before a high-powered competition gives you a sense of tranquility – a feeling that translates into a state of relaxation and focus come game time.

This is a sad state of affairs for our country that we have allowed our teachers to become this lazy that they allow this because it is politically correct.  It is important that this be brought to the fore front because a person cannot make their way through life if he cannot read or write.

When this happens to a child – it must be brought to light to correct the area in which this is happening.  There is help to correct this and every effort should be made that each child should be able to read and right; and, if not, extra help should be given at an early age and then no child will be left behind.


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