KOMMONSENTSJANE – High School students respond to banned flags on vehicles. Arlin’s Report

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Any time the flag is banned from anything, I become very suspicious of the banning person. It is important to delve into that persons motive. Why is he or she ashamed of our flag?   From what I can gather Minnesota has become a state of foreigners and we have to stand up to them. They are guests in this country and when they start using this kind of flash card called, “banning the flag” then it is time to turn over the table and get down right mad. A lot of people might say I am jumping to conclusions – yes, I am, because it is time to bring these type of people on the carpet and “bring them to a conclusion.”

We don’t ban or hide the flag in our country – it is the country and what it represents. Those representing the banning need to be run out of the country – plain and simple.
Our young men fought and died for that flag..


Arlin Report

from Meme Alert News

Minnesota high school banned flags on vehicles and this was the students response

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