Finally, a coach comes out and spills the beans about Kaepernick.  It seems the rest did not want to do that because you would hurt his feelings.  Gee whiz!

While most have speculated that Colin Kaepernick’s lack of an NFL roster spot is connected to his protests of the national anthem, one of his former coaches believes it is the quarterback’s on-field skills keeping him unemployed.


Steve Logan, Kaepernick’s quarterback coach in 2015, says he likes the quarterback as a person, calling him “a good kid”, but that the pivot’s success is dependent upon playing in a run-based scheme.

“It has everything to do with his ability to play in the pocket,” Logan told 99.9 FM The Fan about Kaepernick’s lack of a job, according to Pro Football Talk’s Darin Gantt. “Wherever he goes there will have to be a massive re-design of the entire offense to suit his skill-set, which is unique.

“But I’m just telling you why he’s not on a roster. It has everything to do with his ability to play in the pocket. And be really good in the pocket. Because the game has taken away his calling card, which is the zone-read. Defensive coordinators in the NFL will not let you beat them with that football play. You can irritate them with that football play but you cannot beat them with that football play anymore.”

Logan didn’t give Kaepernick much credit, comparing his descent from Super Bowl starter to unwanted free agent to Blake Bortles becoming a borderline starter after his 35-touchdown season in 2015.

The former San Francisco 49ers coach had just one season with Kaepernick and has not been employed on an NFL coaching staff since.

Now we can go back to playing and watching the game of football.


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