KOMMONSENTSJANE – Trump Pardon Body-Slams Judicial Activism. Reclaim Our Republic.

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The left wing communist/muslim democrats weren’t too happy about Sheriff Joe being pardoned by President Trump. As we all know Obama and Eric Holder were gunning for the Sheriff for eight years and in the end they had a Clinton judge use false charges to charge him.


Reclaim Our Republic

Andy Schlafly: Exoneration of Sheriff Joe ‘a stunning setback’ to globalists’ agenda

Aug 30, 2017

In pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, President Trump illustrated why he is a cut above other politicians. Without waiting for judicial activism to drag on for years in the 9th Circuit, Trump used his constitutional authority to stop the long-running witch hunt against a good man who has devoted 50 years to law enforcement.

Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe was the kind of Trumpesque move millions of Americans have been waiting for. Trump acted on his own instincts, and perhaps even against his legal advisers who have been urging him to adapt to business-as-usual in D.C., rather than changing it.

Trump’s audacious pardon confirmed why Phyllis Schlafly saw in Donald Trump something she had not seen in any other presidential candidate since she wrote her classic “A Choice Not An Echo”more than 50 years ago…

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