KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Memo from Charlottesville Mayor Blames City Manager – Antifa – Judas Gary Cohn Who Condemned Trump. Reclaim Our Republic.

As we all know this was a conspiracy by the Mayor, City Manager, and the governor as shown in the information from the event to create a race war and to inflect more confusion for the President in the way the permits were disbursed. The Police were ordered to “stand down – just like in Ferguson and Baltimore to inflict more harm.”  These people have to be brought to justice.

It was from that command center that Moran received the direct order over the  phone from Gov. McAuliffe at 11:22 a.m. to shut the Emancipation Park rally down. McAuliffe “made the decision … to shut it down” in that phone call, Moran told Richmond talk radio host Jeff Katz on Monday, August 14.


Reclaim Our Republic

‘Leaked’ Memo from Charlottesville Mayor Blames City Manager

26 Aug 2017 by Michael Patrick Leahy

A nine-page internal memo written on Wednesday by Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer on the city’s preparations for the August 12 Emancipation Park rally that erupted into violence was “leaked” to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, where it formed the basis of a lengthy story on Saturday.

The memo, which can be viewed here, stated in its headline that it is a “privileged and confidential personnel matter.” It is dated Wednesday, August 23, and is addressed to City Manager Maurice Jones from the Charlottesville City Council.

The purpose of memo and its leaking appears to be the deflection of blame for the events of August 12 from Signer and the Charlottesville City Council to City Manager Maurice Jones and Police Chief Al Thomas. Yet the memo itself clearly shows there is plenty of…

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