As Trump Deregulates, the Left Cries Foul

August 24, 2017

Quin Hillyer

Liberty Headlines) Legislative activity may be at a standstill in Washington, but President Trump’s deregulatory agenda is seeing noticeable results.
“The pace of regulatory activity has dipped to new lows in the first six months of the Trump administration, bringing welcome relief to businesses beset by rules from the prior administration,” reported Cheryl Bolen of Bloomberg News. “The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, which reviews all significant federal regulations, processed 67 regulatory actions in the first six months of this administration, including notices, proposals, and final rules, compared with 216 actions by the same point in the Obama administration.”

And: “the business community is pleased with how the Trump administration used its powers, including stopping regulations that hadn’t been finalized and extending those with a pending deadline for subsequent review…. Businesses also were pleased that Congress was able to overturn regulations using the Congressional Review Act, which made the ‘first phase’ of this administration’s regulatory regime successful….”

Trump Vows to Repeal Obama Regulations Using a ‘2-for-1 Rule’

Bloomberg is hardly the only outlet noticing these successes. Real Clear Policy is running an entire series on “The Future of the Administrative State,” with the most recent of its six episodes specifically noting the Trump administration’s strong pushback against over-regulation.

At the same site earlier this month, M. Anthony Mills posited that one huge reason for Trump’s campaign success in 2016 was that only his “campaign exploited the weakness of our political parties to appeal to a citizenry that has grown dissatisfied with Congress and frustrated by the power of administrative agencies and the attendant special interests.”

On July 20 of this year, the administration announced, and detailed how, it would eliminate some hundreds of regulations relating to labor, health, and the environment.

Included in this total are 860 regulations that are pending but not yet finalized. The Trump team said this is just part of what will be an even more comprehensive, long-term effort to ease bureaucratic overreach.

Earlier, in June, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney had issued a memorandum “providing relief to agencies by rolling back these [time-consuming but low-value] requirements and allowing those who know their agencies best – agency managers – manage operations, adopt best practices, and find the best way possible to reduce costs and minimize staff hours responding to duplicative and burdensome reporting requirements.”

“Since taking office, Trump has signed executive orders aimed at rolling back Dodd-Frank, slashed regulations imposed on American small businesses, and promised to end all unnecessary regulations on the energy industry,” reported the Daily Caller on Wednesday.


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