KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO ‘CLAPPER, GOT CAUGHT LYING’, again: Trump slams McConnell, Ryan, etc – Can Ryan, McConnell Keep Their Jobs. Reclaim Our Republic

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Ever since the election, Clapper and Brennan, a muslim,  have always been spies for the dark government of Obama.  They were a part of the left’s campaign to build a welfare utopia

In addition and part of this conspiracy – there is definitely a conflict of interest with Paul Ryan and his wife, Janna. She is a democrat lobbyist who has lobbied millions in funding for Hillary Clinton and Ryan is supposed to be the leader of the Republican Congress. This is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST  –  Ryan is working against the American people. Janna and Paul Ryan are working to destroy the existing society and its economic system. He has to be fired.



Reclaim Our Republic

TRUTH BOMB! Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: ‘Jim Clapper is an Idiot,’ Has a ‘Vacant Look’ When Presented With ‘Complicated Issues’

AUGUST 23, 2017 BY 

Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer appeared on Fox & Friends and responded to James Clapper, the former DNI Chief’s interview he gave to CNN. Clapper was commenting on President Trump’s powerhouse rally in Phoenix where he told CNN that he found the speech “extremely disturbing” and even suggested the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t have the “fitness” for office.

Shaffer replied by calling Clapper an ‘idiot’ and a ‘political bot.’

Mediaite reports:

Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence who has served under the four presidents preceding Trump, made a grave appearance on CNN following Trump’s Tuesday night rally, in which he called the president’s rambling 78-minute stream of consciousness speech “extremely disturbing” and questioned Trump’s “fitness” for office.

That charge did not sit well with Fox & Friends’Brian…

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