KOMMONSENTSJANE – IRS Rehires Personnel FIRED For Targeting Conservatives. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Koskinen, IRS COMMISSIONER, has to be fired. He is an Obama holdover.  He is the one who lied to Congress and enabled Lois Lerner to lie.

This guy just rehired all of the people who were fired when these people targeted Conservatives during the Obama era. Do you support the Trump Admin’s ability to suspend federal union rules in order to quickly fire Obama bureaucrats who were rehired, incompetent, or in positions that are being eliminated?  We have to change this rule.

Every company in this country has the ability to fire anyone if they have violated the company’s rules. We have to change this union’s rules because it is hindering the government’s competency.

Again, it is imperative – if we are going to drain the swamp – to change this rule in every dept like they did in the VA. Obama’s left overs are impeding the government’s ability to run the government because of their obstruction.


Reclaim Our Republic

Congressman: ‘You can’t make this stuff up, can you? It’s truly unbelievable

Aug 22, 2017 by GREG COROMBOS


More than 200 IRS personnel who were fired for unethical and even criminal actions in connection with the targeting of conservatives are now back on the job, according to an inspector general’s report.

According to the Office of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, 213 people were rehired by the IRS despite a checkered history with the agency.

Those allowed back in between January 2015 and March 2016 include four people who were fired or resigned for failure to properly file their own income taxes. Four had been axed for improperly accessing taxpayer information, 86 others left while being probed for questionable leave, disrupting the workplace or failing to follow instructions, and 27 failed to disclose a conviction or being fired on their applications.

The inspector general’s report shows the audit was requested…

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