The democrats have stopped talking about Russia and Trump.  Now that Russia is stone dead in the market – they are talking about the KKK, et al, and trying to hide the fact they started slavery and the KKK – Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat, was the master of that KKK race war and now the dem’s are trying to remove all Confederate statues and symbols – Rep Jackson Lee, a democrat,  is the next topic of illusion.

The democrat Jews, Pelosi and Schumer,are trying to get the blacks to start a race war while they are standing back and chewing the fat – as usual blaming everything on the President.  The Bible states that the Jews are the chosen people. The only problem is some of the Jews in America have betrayed America and Jesus and are working against the Bible – the ones who are rich and are in the government feel they don’t need Jesus.

Do the blacks realize their real problem is the democrats are trying to push them backward?  They thought they had a savior when they elected Obama – but what happened on the way  to the forum –  he really wasn’t for the black people – he was a Muslim whose ideology was to make America a muslim nation.  So he did nothing for the blacks for eight years but worked to make the muslims  the new slave owners on the Obama’s democrat plantation.

Do they realize the leaders in the Democrat Senate and Congress, Schumer and Pelosi are Jewish?  They need to review the number of people in the Democratic Party who are Jewish.  I always wondered why the Jewish people stayed in that party and it is because they know they can control the  uneducated blacks.

Now the democrats are split into communists, blacks, and muslims.  So what you see is what you get.


Democrats are starting a fierce internal fight.

By Katrina vanden Heuvel

August 22 at 9:07 AM

With President Trump flailing and even Republicans panning the GOP-controlled Congress, Democrats have begun a long-overdue debate about the party’s platform and strategy. Citizen movements and progressive political leaders such as Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are driving this debate. United in opposition to Trump’s reactionary agenda, they are calling on Democrats to embrace a bolder agenda for change. While many Beltway pundits warn against Democratic division, the party’s congressional leaders — Nancy Pelosi and Charles E. Schumer — understand that this has been a long time coming.

The “Better Deal” platform put forth by Senate Minority Leader Schumer (N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Pelosi (Calif.) received justified gibes on its framing and language. But its premise was exactly right. As Schumer put it in the New York Times, “In the last two elections, Democrats, including in the Senate, failed to articulate a strong, bold economic program [and] failed to communicate our values to show that we were on the side of working people, not the special interests. We will not repeat the same mistake.”

The Better Deal essentially endorses the big debate about a reform agenda that has already begun inside and outside the Democratic Party. Democratic failure isn’t about Vladi­mir Putin or James B. Comey or Hillary Clinton’s emails. Since Barack Obama was elected in 2008, Democrats have lost the White House, both houses of Congress and about 1,000 state legislative seats. Republicans now have total control in a record 26 states. Clearly, a major debate about the party’s agenda, strategy and leadership is sorely needed.


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