Senator Jeff Flake has been a thorn in the side of the American people.  He has continued to work against President Trump and the American people and continues to disrespect our President.  He continues working with Obama to try to flood America with illegals instead of giving jobs to Americans.  It is time for Arizona to elect a senator who is trying to help America and not hurt America.  Flake admits to harboring illegal aliens in Arizona.

Time to show this Elite Republican we don’t need his kind.


Great America PAC

The Commander-in Chief ringing endorsement of Dr. Kelli Ward’s primary challenge against Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake is a call to action!


RINO Senator Admits Harboring Illegal Alien

GOP Presidential Staff

August 18, 2017

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake called for the United States to let in immigrants who work hard, but don’t have any particular skills, in an effort to hit President Donald Trump on his immigration agenda, according to his New York Times’ op-ed Friday.

Flake told the story of Manuel Chaidez, an illegal immigrant with no discernible skills his parents hired, to drive his point home that America should bring people willing to work hard.

“In terms of material possessions, Manuel was an invisible man. His capacity for hard, backbreaking work was his sole credential in life. By no Washington bureaucrat’s estimation would he have been judged a ‘high value immigrant,’” Flake wrote. “He didn’t speak much English. He didn’t come from money. He hadn’t finished high school.”

Manuel was willing to work hard and with his hands Flake argued, which is a crucial skill to America and its ability to thrive.


Why doesn’t Flake want to give those working with their hands jobs to Americans?

Send Flake back to a real job called working with your hands instead of his mouth.

He is one of those Elite Republican traitors.


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