PC language control and the rise of the third reich by Mike Adams, the health ranger.

This film is about 21 minutes long   I strongly advise you to watch it and forward it.
It is strong and to the point about the situation the western world is in today.


How did we allow this country to get to this state when we fought WWII so that this would be stopped?  Our problem has gotten to this point because we have tried to appease the democrats which is exactly how Hitler/Soros was able to take over the German people during WWII?  We defeated Hitler/Soros once and now he is coming back for revenge.  We also have to convince the President that we have to kick Soros out of our country.  This is not Soros first rodeo.   He and Obama are the problem.

We have to help President Trump stop the media, academia, and the muslim/communist democrats from continuing  to march to this drum beat which is lead by Soros/Hitler and Obama’s dark government.

FINALLY, we have Mike Adams, someone who makes absolute sense and defines in the simplest terms, just what is actually happening in our world today.  Unfortunately it is a lengthy presentation but I can assure you it is WELL worth your time.

If you put your mind to it, this gives you an insight into the corrupt mind of George Soros and the evil  he is trying to inflict on this country and unless we STRONGLY resist, with his money and influence, He WILL succeed.

We have a whole society of young people who have never really experienced war and the ravages it does and they have been taught a liberal idealistic way of thinking—Soros has them in his pocket—and they are loud.

Please read/listen to this and do whatever you can to resist this dangerous movement—Trump is trying his best and look what this young media is doing to him. We must defeat this movement or we are finished!!



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