KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Antifa,Resurgence of Anti-War Movement, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter – “Start Throwing Rocks”. Reclaim Our Republic.

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The media, Tech companies, Democrats, movie stars, and late night comediennes are the problem. We have to understand the bulk of those people are not Americans and are foreigners and do not share our values.

This is also the work of Obama/Soros and the Obama dark government which includes Schumer and Pelosi who are funding and sponsoring the chaos and is part of their plan.


Reclaim Our Republic

Brandon Darby: Antifa Is the Resurgence of Anti-War Movement, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter

17 Aug 2017 by John Hayward

Breitbart Texas Editor Brandon Darby provided some vital background on the violent Antifa group during his Thursday appearance on Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

Darby noted that the “moderate left” and its media apparatus generally provides cover for their “extreme crazies.”

“For instance, with MSNBC and Chuck Todd yesterday, when he had a man on who was writing a book about Antifa, and he allowed the man to talk about the importance of fighting racists in the street. He gave him the same credibility that you or I would give the head of the Democratic Party, or the head of the Republican Party if we had them on our show,” Darby said. “He allowed him to express his views in full and even gave…

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