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Pelosi is “the reason for the present hatred season in our country.”

She needs to look at her own Democratic Party who now is the muslim/communist party. She continues to whitewash her party.

What is unforgivable is the way she is still using race to foment more hatred. The Democratic Party’s history is pockmarked with racism and terror. The Dem’s were the party of slavery, black codes, Jim Crow and that miserable terrorist excrescence, the KKK.  This is what I am talkin’ bout on how Dem’s really feel which is as racist as a Democrat can get.

So is Pelosi going to change all of the KKK Bryd’s past by removing names on buildings, highways, and statues?


Racism has an ugly past in the Democratic Party and the accusation of racism has an ugly present.  They just cannot erase history from their past so they want to remove and destroy the statues thinking that will erase the past – but it is itched and nothing can change that.  So, just suck it up – Buttercup.


Arlin Report

Pelosi is leading a charge in Congress to remove Confederate monuments and anything that reminds us of our history.  These morons in Congress are creating enough history we all would like to forget, and none of that history has any significance improving the quality of life in our nation.  What Nancy will do next is replace Confederate statues with one of her own and some of her liberal isle buddies.   Compare the contributions of todays politicians with those of yesteryear, yes even Confederate soldiers, and how they shaped this nation.   You can plainly see a nation being torn apart and out of shape by the likes of Congress today.   What are they contributing to our nation?  Nothing, except destruction.

Nancy Pelosi is too stupid to understand the significance of our history.   She couldn’t name 3 Confederate or Union generals in a pop quiz.  And by the…

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